Internal information security processes should be well-designed and Audited 

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System vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are the basis of hacking attacks. Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing can help the organization to decrease the risk of hacking, but their effect is restricted to a short timeframe. The reason for this is the continuous discovery and misuse of new vulnerabilities. Therefore, a continuous protection process is necessary in an organization to fight against them. The solution is the Security Hardening Process. This includes implementing security optimized system settings plus a patching and testing process of the system elements. To be able to continuously reduce the vulnerabilities of an information system, SecureZense can prepare a security hardening guide.

Business and security advantages of the service:
          Possibility to continuously keeping the risk of hacking at a very low level and prevent material and immaterial losses from such incidents.
          Building up a sound internal security process against hacker attacks that complies with international security standards.
          The information system will be more resistant to security issues.

Policy Review/ Policy Preparation or Update
Internal Information Security Regulations and related processes / tasks of an organization should be documented and kept up-to-date. SecureZense’s policy review / preparation or update service can help you in preparing high quality and up-to-date policies that comply with all information security requirements. If a process works on an ad hoc basis and is not supported by relevant policies or other regulations, it could represent high-level risks for the organization. SecureZense reviews your current information security policies in compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard. Based on the identified gaps, SecureZense provides recommendations to update or develop new policies. Furthermore, the service can be supplemented with verifying the effectiveness of the identified controls.

Business and security advantages of the service:
      Ensure that internal information security related processes are well-designed.
      Practice oriented and up-to-date information security regulations and processes.
      Compliance with legal and supervisory expectations as well as with international security standards.
      Solid base and reference for increasing security awareness among users.

Information Security Risk Analysis
In the first phase of the information security risk analysis, SecureZense prepares an information security review to evaluate the current security status. We then diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the security controls. This is followed by the identification of the most probable threats and the analysis of the related risks to these threats. Finally, we will work out the necessary recommendations to mitigate the risks. SecureZense can also help you prepare the risk analysis methodology, execute incident loss analysis, risk assessment and to prepare an overall risk action plan. The service is based on the methodology of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 International Security Standard and uses the threat catalog of the ISO/IEC 27005:2011 standard. It’s up to your senior management to make a decision about the acceptable risk level and the risk treatment methodology. SecureZense makes recommendations on how risks can be mitigated to achieve the desired acceptable level.

Business and security advantages of the service:
      Increase security awareness, helping management in making informed decisions.
      Risk assessment is the most cost-effective way to invest in security.
      Security costs and the return on investment will be accountable with risk levels.
      Reduce the outage time of business processes caused by incidents.
      Security audits increase the trust of interested parties.


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